J-Ben 1.0.1 coming soon!

The next revision of J-Ben is coming soon, probably tomorrow. I’ve completed builds on Linux and Windows, resolved an encoding issue between the two versions, and have updated the offline copy of my web site – tomorrow I plan to put the stuff live. The main errata issues from the previous version still remain. However, Read more about J-Ben 1.0.1 coming soon![…]

J-Ben version 1.0.0 RELEASED

J-Ben is an aid for studying Japanese. Its focus is primarily on kanji (the Chinese characters used in Japanese writing), and it provides tools for looking up and studying kanji. It will eventually work as a Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary and will help with studying vocabulary as well. Version 1.0.0, the first public release, is out and Read more about J-Ben version 1.0.0 RELEASED[…]