Finished taking 日本語能力試験

It is done, at last. Yesterday I finished taking the Level 2 Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Did I pass? I’d say maybe I have a 25% chance. I’ve been studying like mad over the past week, and I think my strongest area may have been my kanji and vocabulary (thanks to using J-Ben as a study tool). Reading and grammar Read more about Finished taking 日本語能力試験[…]

Current Status (J-Ben, etc.)

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been posting here lately, but I’ve been keeping myself quite busy in real life. The biggest thing is the upcoming Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Right now I’m taking a short break from studying like a fiend for the level 2 test. It’s probably going to be a close one: most areas for me are around 60%, my listening being above a bit, and my grammar being below a bit more. I’ve been boning up on my grammar lately and have been continuing to study kanji so I can actually read the grammar questions, so we’ll see if it pays off.

By the way, I am totally eating my own dog food; J-Ben is almost constantly loaded on my computer as of late, be it my Linux laptop at work or my WinXP/Linux box at home. Together with the Kanjidic portion of Gjiten for looking up characters by stroke/radical, it’s been working really well for grinding through the kanji I need for this test. (Windows users: JWPce is a great program if you need to look up kanji by radical/stroke count, by the way…)

J-Ben work has been pretty well static. I’ve been making a few minor changes and have prepared a git repository for the source, but I’m deliberately not working on it much right now. I know if I do, I’ll start spending too much time on the software and not enough studying for the test which is now a mere 2 days away.

Anyway, that’s mainly my current situation. But I do want to mention a few things about J-Ben before wrapping up this entry. (Warning: going into techie details!)