Experimenting with the Wim Hof Method

I’ve been looking into cold-related exercises recently. Part of this has been due to reading diet or diet-related books, such as Penn Jilette’s Presto or Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Body, where they talk about using cold showers or cold/ice baths for weight loss purposes. (For those who haven’t read anything about this, in short, it is related to the development of “brown adipose tissue” (brown fat) which is supposed to help burn more calories. (Yes, I may be horribly misquoting things, but this is my recollection.)

Along with this, through watching videos on London Real, I’ve been exposed to Wim Hof, “The Iceman”. I’ve also seen the VICE documentary about Wim, which got me genuinely quite interested in him and his method.

The basic method is explained in freely available documents online, however there is also a 10 week course on the method that is sold on wimhofmethod.com. Since it’s on a Christmas sale and I had extra money on a company gift card, I decided to give it a try.