Finished taking 日本語能力試験

It is done, at last. Yesterday I finished taking the Level 2 Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Did I pass? I’d say maybe I have a 25% chance. I’ve been studying like mad over the past week, and I think my strongest area may have been my kanji and vocabulary (thanks to using J-Ben as a study tool). Reading and grammar I think I did better on since I’ve done some practice tests and bought a book for studying grammar, though I’m not sure I met the 60% mark for this part. My fear however is that my listening portion was weak; during my last practice test I managed 66% but this time I think it fell below 60%. Anyway, it’s done with, the stress is largely off my shoulders, and now I can work on other things. Of course, whether I pass or fail I intend to continue my Japanese studies, just at a less breakneck pace.

On today’s agenda, I will be doing some well-overdue updates on J-Ben. I expect a minor update within the next few days, fixing the J-E/E-J multibyte search bug (done by converting the dictionary files to UTF-8) as well as a few other minor mistakes.

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