J-Ben 2: update

Obviously the New Years J-Ben release didn’t happen. Anyway, I’m going to remove any tentative date on the software’s release, although I am continuing to work on it (as is evidenced by the git repository logs).

I’ve been doing a lot of code reorg, but things are starting to look good. I’m also rethinking what’s really required by the program and am focusing on getting the necessities implemented cleanly first, before even thinking about some of the old “extras” like “mobile mode”. I’ve also decided to, for now, drop development on the console interface and focus purely on the GTK one.

Anyway, that’s that. To quote 3D Realms, J-Ben 2 will be done “When Its Done.” No specific timeframe; I feel that’d be rude at this point in time with how little time I have. But unlike Duke Nukem Forever, J-Ben will be released.

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