Japanese Study Software: “wxKanji”

This is a preliminary announcement regarding a new project I’ve been working on as of late.

“wxKanji” is the working title of a program for studying Japanese. It was formerly known as JKanji, but I decided to rewrite the program in C++ rather than in Java. The features and functionality are identical to what was planned for the Java version, so you can check details here.

I am getting close to the first reasonably usable release of the “wx” version. As of right now: the software lets you create a list of kanji to study based upon manual input, reading in from files, or adding by Jouyou grade or newspaper frequency ranking based upon the KANJIDIC dictionary which powers the program. You can sort your list of kanji by Jouyou level or by frequency ranking, browse through all your kanji in the dictionary view tab, and save your list out to a file for later use.

I have two features I would like to add before doing a release:

  1. Flash card mode
  2. Dictionary view configuration tab, so the user can choose exactly which information they want to see.

I’m also brainstorming names for the software, since eventually it’ll do more than help you study kanji. The program is ?????????????? (Nihongo wo Benkyou suru tame no Soft, or “software for studying Japanese”), so I was thinking to shorten it to ?? (Ni-ben, Nichi-ben), or most likely: ?? (J-Ben).

I’m not quite sure that I like J-Ben, so I’ll be thinking this over while I code the release version.

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