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Ultimate paranoid CD ripping/tagging/encoding using abcde

I don’t know how well this program is known, but being a console guy I’ve found it invaluable. A little program named abcde.

I absolutely love cdparanoia. I don’t trust any other program for making bit-perfect copies of my CDs. But cdparanoia is just a ripper. Add in with CDDB and FLAC, and I have excellent and (mostly) convenient conversion from CD to lossless audio files for local listening and uploading to Google Play. Add lame, and I got MP3s for my car. (Assuming an MP3 encoding license, of course.)

Tying these together is a pain in the butt, and there’s a number of programs out there for it. But the best console program I’ve found is abcde. It’s a very well done wrapper with lots of options, support for resuming, parallelization (tagging/encoding the last song while ripping the next song)… And a number of other things I may never use.

Anyway, with the appropriate packages installed, and an appropriate abcde config file, you too can enjoy quality console-based CD ripping.

(This guide assumes Debian Wheezy, but is likely usable on most Debian-based distributions.)


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