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Note:The patches listed on this page have been merged into the 2.8 release of GNU Typist. As such, the files on this page are now obsolete, however I will leave them online for historical reasons.

Please visit the official GNU Typist page for up to date program details.

On this page you'll find several patches to gtypist as well as precompiled Windows and DOS versions of the program. As with any other free software on this site, it is "no warranty, use-at-your-own-risk". For more details, including licensing (GPLv2), check the COPYING.txt file included with the program.

The official gtypist page is located at

gtypist for Windows 2000/XP (maybe others)

I've enjoyed using gtypist on Linux, and I've wanted to show other people the program on Windows, but I've been disappointed that I couldn't find a Windows version that didn't require Cygwin. So, I did a little work and made a native Windows console version, downloadable below.

My distributions of gtypist include 2 executables, gtypist-standard.exe and gtypist-cpm.exe. The only difference between them is how speed scores are calculated. Gtypist normally shows speeds in "words per minute", but some people (especially here in Japan) prefer "characters per minute", and the "CPM" version does just that.

DOWNLOAD: EXE (recommended), or: zip, 7z

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gtypist for DOS (DJGPP build)

Well, there actually is support for building gtypist on Windows, however the result is a DOS program rather than a Windows console program. A few things, like keyboard layout related things, work differently, plus idle DOS programs can be CPU hogs. Before making the above Windows version, I built this one.

Although I don't recommend it, since it's already built I'm making my precompiled DOS versions available here as well. If you actually plan to use it on real DOS, you may need additional software like a DOS extender or such. Check the gtypist documentation if you feel motivated to set it up.

The DOS version also contains standard and characters-per-minute versions, though the exe files will need to be renamed to 8.3 names if running under true DOS.

DOWNLOAD: EXE (recommended), or: zip, 7z

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gtypist with sources

Packages with source code can be downloaded from this project's files folder. Look for anything with "-full" in the name. Executables are included in these packages.

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gtypist patches

Most people can ignore this section; it's only really of interest people who want to build gtypist manually with my additions.

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MinGW patch

This patch will make the necessary changes to a pristine gtypist 2.7 source distribution to allow building using MinGW on Windows. After applying the patch, read the Makefile.mingw32 file for instructions on setting things up for a build.

gtypist 2.7 patch for Win32/MinGW support

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Characters-Per-Minute patch

I live in Japan, and the students at the school where I teach English take a typing test on which they're graded based on "characters per minute (CPM)", rather than the "words per minute (WPM)" measure familiar in the US and likely many other places. Being a developer and able to touch type properly, my students often comment on how fast I can type and are curious to know, but WPM means almost nothing to them.

That, combined with the fact that CPM is a more accurate measure, even if less popular in America, I felt I had an itch to scratch. (EDIT: Actually, WPM is standardized to five characters per "word". At the time of writing, I did not know this. Thus, WPM is just as accurate as CPM, although CPM is a more comfortable measurement here in Japan.)

This patch modifies gtypist to use a CPM measurement instead of WPM. It also out of necessity replaces the "Adjusted speed" measurement with a new one, where each error subtracts 5 characters from the total characters successfully typed. (The old code subtracted one word, so I figured this was a comparable change.)

There may be some mentions of words per minute in places, specifically in the help files and the practice sentences, but the program itself should be mostly or completely converted over by this patch. The translations should also be automatically patched.

gtypist 2.7 patch for CPM measurement

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