Current Happenings

J-Ben development has certainly come along recently, with parsers now more-or-less working for KANJIDIC, KANJIDIC2, EDICT and JMdict. Unit tests are written and each of these are searchable, even if they do not have all the functionality and optimizations I’ve planned for.

However, for my own study purposes, I think I’m going to shift focus to making a workable Python-based J-Ben prototype. Of course, I have a main GUI in place already. I’ll be working on creating some of the remaining dialogs, setting up the study lists, and will make a new dialog for dictionary management and auto-download. After that, I’m planning on writing a few standalone mini-apps for doing kanji drills and some other experimental stuff which will eventually be integrated into the rest of J-Ben. Got a lot of good plans, so hopefully in two more months I’ll have something basic to show.

Okay, all that being said, J-Ben development is currently paused as I am now searching for a new apartment. My goal is to be out of my current apartment and to move to somewhere in Nishinomiya, Hyogo prefecture, within the next month. My primary focus is going to that. The other issue is the weight I’ve recently gained; I could bore you with excuses but instead I’m just going to say I’ll be working hard on getting the weight down – but this will likely cut into my dev time for J-Ben.

That’s all for now. Take ‘er easy.

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